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Written in the Stars by Leslie Chase

He might be the hottest guy in the galaxy, but I don’t need his help.

Pets in Space 7 by Various Authors

The award-winning anthology Pets in Space 7 featuring 13 of today’s bestselling SFR authors is back for a limited time!

Claws & Effect: The Otherworldly Pets of Project Enterprise by Pauline Baird Jones

Dive into four Project Enterprise stories and one quirky Earth-based romp!

The Thunder Egg by Greta van der Rol

History Professor Drew Torson’s purchase of a thunder egg at a market leads to an astonishing discovery when what should have been just a rock… hatches.

Suri’s Sure Thing by S. J. Pajonas

All work and no play… Suri Kimura has decided not to go to the Hikoboshi Farewell Ball.

Rate of Return by Cassandra Chandler

When Kimmy dreamed of meeting a werewolf, she never imagined he’d be from space!

Gib and the Tibbar by Jessica E. Subject

A dedicated Defender to the core, Gib is willing to go to any planet the Galactic Alliance sends him.

Time Trap by Pauline Baird Jones

Hiding in time is not as easy as you’d think…

Cyborg’s Revenge by Pauline Baird Jones

They say you can’t go home again, but what if it is the only way to truly be free?

Operation Ark by Pauline Baird Jones

She’s a USMC Sergeant deployed to the Garradian Galaxy.

Import Quarantine by Cassandra Chandler

It was supposed to be a simple house call for a sick cat, so how’d she end up on a spaceship?

Star Cruise: Idol’s Curse by Veronica Scott

Juli Shaeffer, the Nebula Zephyr’s cruise director, receives a mysterious bequest from the estate of a longtime passenger – a lump of rock taken from a reef on the planet Tahumaroa.

Pearl’s Dragon by S. E. Smith

You are never too old for love!

After The Fall by Kyndra Hatch

The Invaders took everything worth living for. Can an Invader show him how to live again?

Cats of War by Carol Van Natta

A tarnished military Subcaptain, a repair technician hiding from her past, and two genetically engineered cats join must forces to save an important factory.

Star Cruise: Mystery Dancer by Veronica Scott

Tassia Megg is a woman on the run after the death of her elderly guardian.

Star Cruise: Songbird by Veronica Scott

Grant Barton, a Security Officer on the Nebula Zephyr, is less than thrilled with his current assignment to guard an Interstellar singing sensation while she’s on board the ship.