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Dominance And Dissent by Cynthia Sax

To earn the love of his curvy human, this cyborg will have to set her free.

Warrior Revealed by Stephanie West

After the week Nadzia had, she was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

The Alien Pirates’ Treasure by Harpie Alexa & Charity Wells

They never expected to rescue a human from a terrible fate.

Tarkken by Annabelle Rex

Heat bloomed in her body in response to his gaze…

Stolen by Alison Aimes

He’s a half-Martian Warlord. Savage, dominant, and dangerous—and now he’s on the hunt. For her.

Terran Attraction by Echo Ishii

Kerylis Delgado is a top ranked fighter pilot for the Terran Republic Asteri Elite.

Trey: Son of Tallav by Cailin Briste

She’s the opposite he can’t resist.

Spear’s Search by N. J. Walters

Spear el Gravaso—prince of Gravas and assassin—is on a mission to find his brother.

Her Rebel Alien Warrior by Nora Blaze

The enemy killed our future when they killed our mates.

Claimed by the Alien Space Pirate by Charmaine Ross

One fed up brother. One brash human slave.

Rand: Son of Tallav by Cailin Briste

Two shamed souls, a mutual enemy and an attraction they can’t control…

The Warlord Season by Libby Doyle

Tyranny often comes from within. Beware the warlord.

Coalition Reckoning by Cassandra Chandler

Things in the kitchen are about to heat up.

StarPyre by Jade Waltz

My plan for the summer was to win a cosplay contest… But I wound up being abducted by aliens instead.

Freedom Mine by Julie K. Cohen

Kayo bought a female slave. . . and a world of trouble.

Haunted Alien Honeymoon by Tasha Black

Can she resist an alien with animal magnetism?

Alien Captured by Marie Dry

In a bleak future, where government systems are breaking down, and poverty and violence reign, on an abandoned farm in Montana, Susannah has a simple plan.

Alien Resistance by Marie Dry

In a bleak future where government systems are breaking down, and poverty and violence reign, Madison Johnson is about to qualify as a doctor.

Rescuing Mattie by S. E. Smith

Mattie Abrams has always had a knack for training animals.