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Claimed by the Alien Viking by Lucee Joie

Betty is having the worst day ever.

The Alien’s Boss by Gemma Voss

My alien mate doesn’t believe in love.

Thorn Bearer by E. G. Manetti

Four years ago, Lilian left the First System ruined, indentured, and in peril of execution.

Breathless by Heather Relken

The Kholorua. On Earth, we call them the Skyscrapers, or Whalemen. Giant, hundred-foot tall creatures that are generally docile but have a nasty habit of taking people home as souvenirs.

Thran by Alana Khan

Newly-freed slaves are forced together on a dangerous mission.

Alien Betrayed by Julie K. Cohen

Trust no one…. not the Brotherhood… nor the enticing human female working for them.

Haze by Aline Ash & Skye Castel

I’m screwed. First, I’m snatched by toad-like aliens, and then their spaceship crashes.

Alien Awoken by Julie K. Cohen

Baby on Board. Blue, horned alien flying ship. Help!

Awoken from the Deep by Octavia Kore

One touch was all it took to show him they were everything he needed.

Fated to Fall by Stephanie West

Blaidd went insane witnessing the small human being abused by her mate.

Nameless Fate by Stephanie West

Harper might get an uncanny gut feeling every now and then, but that didn’t mean she believed in portents, and certainly not the kind that got her abducted.

Purple Reign by Evangeline Rain

She was a researcher forced into being a doctor by the war. Would it change her?

Destined for Darkness by Stephanie West

Tracking down killers is Stella’s job, but her latest suspect is the kind of seductive that makes a girl forget herself.

Ravished by the Alien Viking by Lucee Joie

Alicia is a hopeless romantic. Njal is not…

4-Point Star by Linda Mooney

Being called to become part of a Gaspiel is an honor, a chance to serve in the war against the Fol’Minites and to protect the K’Stollians’ world.

Birthday Cake, Spaceships and Lingerie by L. H. Whitlock

What do an intergalactic art thief, a snarky AI, and a sexy protestor have in common?

Warrior Hunted by Alaska Jones

Abducted and held captive on an alien planet, all Tiana wants is to escape.

Forbidden Frost by Riley Onyx

From above the planet is beautiful, on the ground it’s terrifying.

Spthifius by Miranda Martin

I was kidnapped by alien space pirates and sold to the highest bidder.

Anzil by Miranda Martin

I’m a marine. It was my responsibility to protect the generation ship but I failed.