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Her Alien Prince by Sky Robert

For one queen to rise, another must fall, and keeping her is the highest cost of all… his soul.

Claimed by the Barbarian Warlords by Charmaine Ross

Stolen from Earth and captured by alien warlords.

Stars at Dusk by Sky Gold

Running from her past, Harlow lives for the present.

Monsters’ Gift by Alana Khan

Will I make it through the night?

Stars on Fire by Sky Gold

War is stirring in the skies and stars above Eden II.

Rising From The Curse by Maria A. Perez

The power of family bonds reaches across galaxies.

His to Protect by Lydia Loomis

After aliens invaded earth and bombs destroyed everything we had, life became about survival for everyone.

Jewel of the Alien Bandit by Sky Robert

A jewel to steal. A planet to save. A leader to love?

Shae’s Bounty by Deysi O’Donal

I’ve been abducted and sold. But then I’m rescued… by the bad guy.

His to Find by Lydia Loomis

It’s been almost two years since the collapse.

Jaro by Ami Wright

All his pain, undone by the scent of her heat.

Accidentally Orc-Ward by Lucee Joie

Hi, my name’s Mabel and I’m the universe’s worst monster hunter.

Konnitch by Julie K. Cohen

Of all the times for his mating heat to strike… right in the middle of an op with a feisty female.

Sattar by Ami Wright

All his pride, undone by the scent of her heat.

Snap Me Up by Landra Graf

For this mechanic, anything is fair game.

Talon by Demelza Carlton

Rue joined the Colony for one reason: she wants her own farm, just like the one her parents had back on Earth, only better.

Ret by Jessica E. Subject

Ret Kaddim has the perfect life. He’s a space racer, the leader of the most popular team across the universe.

Seduced by Heather Fox

After the awful mess that was my life back on Earth, living in the raskarran village is great.

Malik by Ami Wright

All his games, undone by the scent of her heat.

Down To Earth by Alana Khan

Without A’Dar’s help, Maya won’t last an hour.