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Damaged by Presley Hall

I know the mate bond can never happen for me. But that doesn’t stop my heart from wanting Druxik…

Ruthless King by Alison Aimes

He’s the most brutal crime boss in the galaxy—and she belongs to him now.

Carnal Fusion by Allie Ritch

When Liz is abducted by aliens, she doesn’t expect to wind up sharing her body with one.

Race to Redemption by Shari Elder

Intergalactic storm racing champion, Elaina Carteret, left the circuit in disgrace after a horrendous accident.

Spanning Worlds by J. M. Link

He’s tall, quiet, and evades her at every turn…

Chasing Earth by J. M. Link

Tori knows Aderus sees dealing with Earth as necessary to an unlikely but last-ditch effort to save his world…

Sinn by Alana Khan

Sinn risked everything when he broke Zinn law to travel to Earth.

The Prisoner’s Deception by L. P. Peace

A criminal looking for a quick payday. An officer trying to survive her cruel master…

Trev by Alana Khan

The rules are clear. The stakes are high.

Blind Space by Marie Sexton

Captain Tristan Kelley enjoys the luxuries of Regency service, as well as the pleasure of his Prince’s bed.

Hunting Astrid by Thea Landen

Astrid Carlisle enjoys her job at Satera Industries, the massive interplanetary organization whose enigmatic leader is concerned with profits first and legalities second.

Captured & Seduced by Shelley Munro

Jockey Camryn O’Sullivan is on a downward spiral after the death of her husband.

Alie and the Cosmic Convicts by Emma Cole & K. B. Everly

Have you ever wondered what would happen if aliens suddenly began appearing on Earth?

Taken by the Convicts by Julie K. Cohen

They all want her. Only four will succeed.

The Thief’s Dark by L. P. Peace

A thief running from his mistakes. A woman racing toward her destiny.

The Abduction by Danielle Kaheaku

Samantha needed a break, and Las Vegas seemed like the perfect escape.

Shield Bearer: Thornraven, Volume 2 by E. G. Manetti

Within days of being rescued from Desperation Crevasse, Lilian must return at Lucius’ side as his shield bearer…

Warlord Reunited by Cynthia Sax

This barbarian warrior’s cold demeanor hides the warmest of hearts.

Craving Her by Lucee Joie

The Ochek have to breed with humans because they believe that there are none of their females left alive.

Warlord Unarmed by Cynthia Sax

Protected by the Barbarian Warrior