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Valeris by Alana Khan

How can a planet capable of interstellar spaceflight use such an outdated method to pick the queen?

Zar-Rynn by Alana Khan

Their love will face the ultimate test.

Tarrex by Alana Khan

After praying for death for years, Tarrex finds both freedom and love on the day he discovers his life has a very clear, very near expiration date.

Steele by Alana Khan

A past they can’t ignore. A love that must endure.

Maximus by Alana Khan

Saving Raine from an alien slave auction is Maximus’s first selfless act.

Vartan by Alana Khan

Born in space. Raised as a pet. I’ve never allowed myself to even dream of love.

Stryker by Alana Khan

Not all scars are visible.

WarDog by Alana Khan

Mortifying! How else would you describe living with an adopted two-hundred-pound fighting canine for months only to discover there was a sentient male inside?

Ar’Tok by Alana Khan

The Galaxy Gladiators recently rescued Ar’Tok from a life of enforced servitude.

Beast by Alana Khan

The Beast of Tramachor is one of only ten Pinnacle Gladiators in the galaxy.

Sirius by Alana Khan

Can this genetic “Product” of the Federation and the isolated Earth female who rescues him transcend their barriers and learn to love?

Dax by Alana Khan

Dax is ready for love after escaping a lifetime of slavery.

Axxios and Braxxus by Alana Khan

They come as a twofer, but Axx isn’t able to love.

Drayke by Alana Khan

The battle is on, for the Three Gates, and her heart.

Devolose by Alana Khan

Her friends say she’s fallen for the devil.

Tyree by Alana Khan

Can love be the transformation they need to survive?

Shadow by Alana Khan

Can two broken people release their demons, open their hearts, and find lasting love?