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Awoken from the Deep by Octavia Kore

One touch was all it took to show him they were everything he needed.

Charmed by the Alien Viking by Lucee Joie

Erix has just defied the Vikingr. Demi wants a better life for her human tribe. Can these two somehow fall in love?

Taming Dragons by Samantha Rose

Abducted by aliens? I can now add that unwanted experience to my shit list. And yet, that’s not the worst thing to happen to me

Qwin by Alyse Anders

As the Qadrus’ doctor, Qwin has patched every type of wound.

An Alien Storm by Calla Zae

Battered and bruised from a previous relationship, Vanessa now prefers a quiet life as a chef on a new planet.

Crave: Alien General’s Obsession by Hattie Jacks

What’s worse…being abducted by aliens or being a host for one?

Treasured By The Water Dragon Guard by Aria Winter & Jade Waltz

When we travel to the Water Clan territory for the Harvest Games, I cannot deny that I’m glad to see Arnav again.

The Alien’s Defiance by Calla Zae

Orphaned as a child, Aleeya is now a warrior with standards and expectations.

Taken: Alien Commander’s Captive by Hattie Jacks

All enemies of the Empire must die. But not her, she is mine to claim…

Var by Susan Hayes & Mina Carter

She’d do anything to find her daughter – even make a bargain with a beast.

Alien Tongues by Chloe Parker

Dr. Natalie Lewis may be an expert in alien languages, but there’s more to fluency than simple vocabulary.

Ensnared By The Serpent’s Gaze by Aria Winter & Jade Waltz

In my past life I was a queen and in love with my guard.

Fated to Fall by Stephanie West

Blaidd went insane witnessing the small human being abused by her mate.

Saved By The Wind Dragon Guard by Aria Winter & Jade Waltz

The moment we reach the Wind Clan territory for the celebration of their Harvest Games, I meet Tai.

Native by Stacy Jones

He was destined to die. Until she changed his fate.

Nameless Fate by Stephanie West

Harper might get an uncanny gut feeling every now and then, but that didn’t mean she believed in portents, and certainly not the kind that got her abducted.

Bewitching the Bounty Hunter by Lulu West

Brielle was born a witch and a princess. But when Bodin Hart finds her, she is a slave.

Destined for Darkness by Stephanie West

Tracking down killers is Stella’s job, but her latest suspect is the kind of seductive that makes a girl forget herself.

Eion by Alyse Anders

Eion is the second in command of the Qadrus, an elite squad of cyborg soldiers.

Rashe by Ava Ross

She’s looking for happily-ever-after. He doesn’t dare touch her.