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Power by Marina Simcoe

Five decades after the disappearance of Svetlana Kostyk, the exploration of the mysterious anomaly in space has resumed.

Shades of Allegiance by Sandy Williams

She’ll do anything for vengeance. He’ll do anything for her.

Shades of Honor by Sandy Williams

She won her freedom. Can she win a war?

Shades of Treason by Sandy Williams

Ash would have given her life to save her teammates. Instead, they gave their lives to save hers.

Captured & Seduced by Shelley Munro

Jockey Camryn O’Sullivan is on a downward spiral after the death of her husband.

Gravity by Marina Simcoe

The unpredictable gravity of the mysterious space anomaly knocks me off course.

Return to Neverwylde by Linda Mooney

Things have been quiet on Neverwylde, but everyone has been busy.

Jupiter by Aurora Springer

A simple hop across hyperspace turns deadly, smashing hopes for a human-Warrish alliance.

The Gifting by Linda Mooney

Her world had sent her into space to die. Now it wants her back to make sure she does.

The Gifted by Linda Mooney

One man’s love stood between her powers and Earth’s annihilation.

Iced by Regine Abel

The fate of his people rests in her hands.

Unfrozen by Regine Abel

When the penitentiary ship she’s incarcerated in gets sucked into an anomaly, Lydia barely survives the crash onto an alien planet.

Neverwylde 1 by Linda Mooney

Two species, bitter enemies, are determined to destroy each other, until they realize they need one another to survive a major catastrophe.

Time Thief by Anna Hackett

Bay North wants revenge, no, she craves revenge.

Mind Raider by Anna Hackett

Mara Ross takes crap from no one.

Salvation by Anna Hackett

He was once a power-hungry crime lord and John Brown can never forget it.

Soul Stealer by Anna Hackett

Schoolteacher Cate Hartmann was kidnapped and forced to use her psychic ability to kill.