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Adamantine by Rosie Weir


Worried for his daughter’s future after a catastrophic disease ravaged humanity, brilliant scientist, James Walker, found a way to measure human consciousness and crafts the ultimate weapon to watch over his little girl: A sentient AI charged with the task of protecting her when he is no longer able to do so. His creation, Will, is bestowed with an expansive intellect, superhuman strength, and a fierce protective streak.

Tucked away in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains in a rustic log cabin, they live modestly off their sparse resources; hunting game, recording Turing tests on an old camcorder, and bonding over 80s movies.

At eighteen, Molly knows little of the world beyond a collection of grainy VHS classics. Life with Will and James is idyllic. However, as the years go by, Molly finds something more profound than ‘sibling love’ growing for Will, whose feelings also start to change from duty and service to something else. But Will’s mission to protect involves keeping dangerous secrets, including some that could destroy the trust between them forever. Will struggles with the rigid self-discipline of his programming, versus turbulent, irrational feelings that grow stronger each day.

True love can’t exist without honesty and risk; the two things Will has been programmed to control at all costs. But trouble is brewing outside their sheltered utopia, and ignorance might be a luxury neither of them can afford any longer.

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