Series: Project: Adapt Series (Book #2)

Author: Jade Waltz

An abomination or a savior… I can’t be both.

My welcome at the CEG Space Station didn’t go as planned.

Arriving as a new mother and meeting the male responsible for my situation was only the beginning of my problems. Now I have to prove to politicians that I deserve to be a citizen instead of property, prevent the scientists from thrusting me back into experiments, and deal with others trying to hunt me—all while trying to adjust to having new responsibilities and a growing clan.

And then there is Kaede—I am sorry, Agent Kaede—who doesn’t know what he wants and doesn’t care who he hurts along the way.

Sometimes I wish I could just dream myself away to my familiar island where it all started…

Author’s note: This is a medium burn space fantasy alien RH romance story intended for audiences 18 years and older. This is the second book in a series that’s meant to be read in order. There is an HEA for this book, but the epilogue will set up the next book in the series.

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