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A Very Sci-fi Christmas by L.H. Whitlock

What is this Christmas thing? Well, Jar, a resident of the planet Hwaran, is about to find out firsthand when he falls into a wormhole that drops him in the bathroom of a beautiful Earth woman.

Jar wishes nothing more than to bring his sister-in-law and her children back together. The only problem is that the children are on Earth, which is a whole different planet in a whole different solar system.

When a wormhole dumps Jar on Earth, it’s the answer to his greatest desire. Now he must convince this beautiful Earth female that he is not here to abduct her, nor is he a pervert. He’s just trying to reunite his family.

Holly loves Christmas, but this year all she wants to do is be swept into an alternate reality. Her ex-boyfriend is stalking her, charging up credit cards in her name, and threatening her. She can’t even enjoy running her business because her employee is one of the women he cheated on her with.

When she steps out from her shower to see a sexy alien who says he needs her help, she decides, “Why not?” It can’t get any fucking worse.

Neither realizes their Christmas wish is about to be granted.

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Alien Pairing Holiday M / F

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