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A Surprise Favor by S. J. Pajonas

A sought-after getaway. A mother’s relentless vengeance. A desperate pursuit to unveil buried secrets…

Skylar Kawabata longs for a peaceful retreat at the lavish Lee villa on Laguna, seeking sun, surf, delicious food, and friendly company to escape her woes. But when she crosses paths with an old flame during an impromptu celebration, their reunion forces her to reevaluate her connections — particularly as Takemo enters the scene once again. Once an adversary, Takemo has since evolved into a kind-hearted, resourceful, and charismatic man who captures Skylar’s attention even though he infuriates her.

Yet Skylar’s supposed haven is far from serene. A vengeful lawsuit from her own mother sends her life into a tailspin, and she must act fast to salvage her reputation or risk losing everything. Teaming up with her new head of security — a former foe turned ally — Skylar embarks on a crucial mission to retrieve backup drives that hold evidence of her troubled childhood.

As lethal foes close in, Skylar is confronted with her darkest memories while striving to shield all she holds dear. Can she outwit her relentless pursuers and obtain the crucial proof, or will she lose everything in a high-risk game of cat and mouse?

A Surprise Favor is the thrilling third entry in The Amagi sci-fi romance series. Fans of heart-pounding adventures, intricate relationships, and nail-biting action won’t want to miss S. J. Pajonas’s captivating narrative.

Series Number
Book #3

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