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A Star Pilot’s Heart by Eva Delaney and Vivi Clarke

Can I complete my mission and save the galaxy with five alluring men tempting me every chance they get? 

I’m the best damn pilot and smuggler in the galaxy. I’m good at what I do because I work alone with no one to screw things up.

Until I’m assigned a secret mission with a team of five tempting men, including my cocky ex who’s acting like he never broke my heart. 

With a gruff, pissed off soldier, an enemy bounty hunter, a gorgeous doctor, a shy techie, and a sassy dog, this ship is way too crowded with people I don’t need or want. 

I don’t have time to be distracted by my ex, that muscular warrior, the soulful medic, or any of the others who keep getting in my way.

But the longer I’m stuck on this ship with them, facing death at every turn, the more I like having them around.

A Star Pilot’s Heart is a reverse harem space opera, featuring a bad-ass heroine, sexy rebels, and gripping space battles. It’s a combination of Firefly and Star Wars with a RH twist. 

Series Number
Book #1

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