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A Gamble Among Sheep by Landra Graf

Sometimes the only thing you can trust is the risk.

Self-made nightclub owner Akono Sweet has spent the last six months working on a plan for his early retirement. When his arch-rival Vincent Genovese claims Akono’s club and fortune belong to him, Akono’s forced to accelerate his plans.

Caterina, Genovese’s black-sheep daughter, is forced into taking over Sweet’s club by her father and brother threatening the life she’s carved for herself outside the family business. It doesn’t take her long to see she and Akono are two of a kind—right down to being targeed by her family.

An attraction neither Caterina or Akono can fight interferes with everything they should be focusing on. When they stumble on a bigger conspiracy that threatens everyone on Callisto, this pair of gamblers has to ensure they stay alive long enough to defeat it.

Too bad falling in love just made the odds more difficult to beat…

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Action / Adventure Humans In Space M / F Space Opera

Series Number
Book #2

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