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Warrior’s Claim

Series: The Warriors (#1)
By: C.J. Gnos


Will this be the Warrior’s beginning or his end?

Cassie has lost her Allkrum love, Garon. In her pain, she shuts out those closest to her. Kamarsoman, the Malai warrior who has loved Cassie from first sight, seeks to pull her from the sadness that has taken over her life. He also seeks vengance against the cruel, murderous Kelem Phyl – the man who has caused so much death in their universe and nearly killed Cassie. Kelem Phyl, driven by his insane need to possess her, want’s Cassie for his own.

After an attempt by Kelem to kidnap Cassie, she decides to join with Kam in order to stop the mad Kelem once and for all. In their quest to avenge Garon’s death, Cassie and Kam reignite a passionate spark between them. From her sadness over Garon’s loss and her hatred of Kelem, Cassie finds a new strength. In Cassie’s rebirth, Kam finds truth in the love he has always held for her.

In this passionate space adventure full of unique aliens, planets, characters and cultures, Cassie and Kam will travel through space in order to stop Kelem – at any cost. Even, perhaps, at the cost of their hearts.

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About The Author

. Aside from reading and writing Science Fiction, she enjoys movies, especially the special effects, cooking and photography. Originally from New York state C.J. now resides on a farm along the nature coast of Florida, where she can write to her hearts content.

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