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NEW COVERS for the Corwint Series!

Vex was born into servitude. Cris is the last of her kind. Together, they will search for a grasp of freedom, an acceptance of themselves and an understanding of each other.

UNBOUND INSTINCT is part of the Corwint Central Agent Files science fiction romance universe. It is part of the series, but can be read as a complete, stand-alone novel.


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About the Book:

Vex was born into servitude, collared and trained into submission by the Xen’dari Empire. An unexpected turn of events offers him the chance for freedom, but Trexen were taught to fear freedom, and to fear themselves. Without the Xen’dari collar around his neck or a Master to tell him what to do and how to do it, Vex is faced with having to make his own choices while fighting against the instinctual, carnal nature of his Trexen heritage.

Cris is the last of her kind, enslaved by a man who uses her charms to subdue the crowds of his tavern and heal the wounds of his gang who attack the territories surrounding their outpost. When Vex steps into her world and kidnaps her into freedom, she must decide if she will accept it or if she will run from it and him.

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