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Portal to Passion

By: Various

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From alien princes to droids, to sexy dragon shapeshifters and handsome pleasure workers – this science fiction romance bundle has a little bit of something for everyone!

Included in this bundle:

  • WRITTEN IN THE STARS by Aurelia Skye & Juno Wells: A human woman and an alien man work together to discover the whereabouts of missing Earth women. One of his kind is stealing the women, but he’s stealing her heart.
  • PARAGON by Aubrey Watt: In the middle of the Arizona desert, a hundred feet underground, the US military is illegally developing the first emotionally sentient android. When brilliant neuroscientist Chal Davidson is called in to assist, the third android is just hours from being awakened. Torn by her moral and scientific responsibilities, Chal is even more confused by the emotional connection she is starting to feel with the newly-created man. The only hope she has is escape–for her and the android–and time is running out.
  • CURVATURE: PART 1 by Amber Stuart: A Space Command employee who wants to eliminate her V-card. A pleasure worker in need of a sabbatical. Their introduction to sex magic and discovering how it can help a crippled Earth and the human race.
  • MY ALIEN PRINCE by Calista Skye: When clumsy intern Jen Sullivan literally stumbles into the Derigaz Prince Tar’Shoc, the most powerful man in the galaxy, they soon find it impossible to think of anything but each other. But can a prince and future emperor really marry a fluffy Earth girl with borrowed shoes and a tendency to trip over her own feet?
  • RAZAR: BOOK 1 by Catty Diva: Razar needs a mate but on his planet there are 9 males to 1 female. Humans look like they are compatible but if they find out the secrets of his kind they will refuse to send them mates. Lista needs money for her mother’s operation or she will die. Her sister has volunteered her to be a bride for an alien. If she wins the mating game she will be free to keep the money and return home. Can she outwit him or will he claim her heart before it’s game over?
  • HIS ONLY HOPE by Erica Conroy: Cord, a former soldier who lost his young family, is hired to ensure a scientist’s sister is transported safely to the Ashula Mountains. Easy money, right? Not when a self-proclaimed governor, the natives and Cord’s old friend are all against him. Add to that his personal demons, alcoholism and an unwanted attraction to an alien…Cord has his hands full. Hope, however, has a destiny. One that will save everyone from a never-ending winter—but only if she succeeds. Unfortunately for her, the only one who can help is a hairy and uncouth alien male. There’s never a dull moment in this new frontier where winter is never-ending and tech doesn’t work, but one question remains. Will Cord accept the second chance at love he’s offered or will Hope slip through his fingers in this touching Science Fiction Romance?
  • THE MORPH by JC Andrijeski: Dakota Reyes, a PI who specializes in “hard-to-prosecute” cases, finds herself in a dark alley one night, about to end up dead at the hands of a young Ted Bundy in training…when a lost, shape-shifting alien named Nihkil rescues her. Then he accidentally takes her home with him. The problem is, Nik’s home is in a different dimension, and Dakota has no clue how to get back to Seattle, or even Earth.
  • ALIEN’S CURVY MATE by Juno Wells: They say love transcends time… But ten thousand years is just ridiculous. Abby dreams of something more in her life. She shoots for the stars but is stuck in her dead-end job with a deadbeat boyfriend. Be careful what you wish for, right? One car accident later and Abby’s embroiled in a plot to save the world from a devious alien army and a romance that started ten thousand years ago. A romance involving one incredibly smokin’ hot alien alpha Commander, Vintares of the Lantarians. He made a promise he intends to keep… Awakening from cryo-sleep to find his ship defenseless against the looming alien army, Vintares escapes to Earth. There he finds his fated love, a curvy, luscious human named Abby. Sparks fly, the heat between them scorching. But he’s made a promise to keep the world safe. Their love has to persevere even when their world is about to end.
  • RESURRECTED by S.M. Schmitz: When Dietrich buried his fiancée, Lottie, he descended into his own personal Hell – until he runs into her in a café in Houston two years later. Except this couldn’t be her. Not after two years. She speaks the same, shares the same memories, yet something is different. Determined to unravel this mystery, Dietrich finds she has been resurrected by a mysterious force. But for Lottie, something went wrong, and her existence threatens to undermine the lucrative business that made her resurrection possible. As Dietrich becomes locked in a deadly struggle with those who want to destroy her, he will discover just how much he’s willing to sacrifice for the woman he once loved.
  • ALIEN PRINCE’S SOULMATE by Tessa Thorn & Juno Wells: When Maia receives the notice from Galactic Matrimony, she can’t give up the chance to make sure her family is financially set for life. Taking a flying leap into the unknown, she finds herself the wife of Tal, a cocky, young warrior who isn’t quite ready to be tied down. Tal loves the thrill of battle and exploring in his warship—babies and marriage aren’t on his radar at all. But when Maia finds out about the Mirrotirik’s secret genetic engineering technology and ends up pregnant, Tal has to step up and become the father and husband he needs to be.
  • ALIEN GENERAL’S WIFE by Scarlett Grove & Juno Wells: When Indigo Robertson learns that her name has come up in the Draconian mating lottery, the timing couldn’t be worse. The benevolent dragon shifter aliens need human women to replenish their DNA … but their ancient enemy, the Mulgor, have followed them to Earth and invaded. The news that she’s been matched with a Draconian warrior comes just after the Mulgor kill Indigo’s entire family. Filled with grief and guilt, she can’t allow herself any happiness. Not even with a seven-foot-tall, sexy as hell dragon shifter.


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