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As of July, 2018, we are no longer accepting new book additions.

SFR Station will be going offline on January 22, 2019. Thanks, everyone, for the support!

Email with any questions.

Welcome to SFR Station, authors! We seek to offer a safe port for science fiction romance written by self-published and small-press authors. Gaining exposure can be hard in this genre, especially on the major eBook retailers. Our goal is to make it easier for readers to find great SFR and new authors by offering authors a place where their books can be equal fish in a smaller pond.

How equal?

When a reader clicks on a Sub-Genre, a Pairing Type, a search Tag, or does a word search, the results they see are displayed in a random order for every visitor instead of by Date Added. This means that your book won’t get buried. Even if it was added to our site a year ago, it has an equal chance of being seen as a book that was added yesterday.

(Technical details:  If they go to Action/Adventure, they will see pages of results in randomized order. This order is stored in a browser session, which is necessary to make sure duplicates aren’t shown in pagination. This session is closed when they close their web browser. On their next visit, they get a new session, and they will see the posts and featured books in a different order. The random order is also different for each visitor, so Brenda may see one order in Action/Adventure at the same time Sarah sees a different order.)

We also have the Recommended Reads section, which appears on every page. These books are picked at random from our catalogue, are not pay-spots, and will be randomized in the same session-reserved way as the post order.

This ‘equal fish’ concept makes SFR Station unique. No other book-listing site does this. We will have featured New Release pages, though, because we know readers like to learn about the latest books, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Directly Selling These Books?

No. SFR Station does not directly sell or distribute books. I don’t want the tax-headache, and I want all authors to get their well-earned royalties. We provide an easier way to find great Science Fiction Romance books by providing details about the book and purchase links to other vendors, such as Amazon, Nook books and iBooks.

The only but to this may be if we are doing an author-approved ‘giveaway’. We may ‘give’ a free copy of the book to the winner. The book will be provided by the author.

Is There A Cost or Catch?

There is no cost. All books are listed in the inventory free of cost. I do use my Amazon Affiliate ID, so I gain a very small fee from Amazon if someone buys a book from the site via the Amazon button. While I am not collecting affiliate commission for the other vendors at this time, that may change in the future. Right now, I allow authors to send me their own affiliate links for all venues but Amazon.

I will be offering “Featured” services in the future, which will let authors purchase weekly or monthly feature spots, host giveaways and do contests. Currently, I do feature posts and announcements for free.

What Do You Accept?

To be accepted, your book must be…

What Do You NOT Accept?

To be accepted, your book must NOT be…

  • Science Fiction with ‘romantic elements’
  • Dubious Consent (NO exceptions)
  • Erotica without romance
  • Paranormal (vampires, werewolves, etc)
  • Unedited / Poor-quality cover
  • Three-star or lower on Amazon
  • Major publisher imprints will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Feature Post Requests

We also have Feature Posts on our site, meant to highlight SFR Community information, fun articles, cover reveals, new releases, contests, ect. You may send us your details / request a feature post, but these are approved on a limited basis, so be sure to give us plenty of time to consider it / fit it into the schedule.

We’d love to have an excerpt from your book, a book trailer or a post about anything to do with SF Romance that would be of interest to readers (so no writing-oriented posts, please). To have your post content featured, your book must be listed with the Station.

How Do I Get My Book Listed?

Send an email to with your book details (cover, blurb, buy-links, sub-genre categories) and your author information (bio, bio picture, social media links). Please ensure your book meets our requirements for books we do and do not accept (see above). We do not accept all books sent to us, and we may decline for reasons of content, quality or otherwise.

Send the following:

  • Book title, pen name
  • Book cover
  • Blurb (MUST be a romance-centric blurb)
  • Book buy links (Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, GooglePlay and/or eRomance)
  • Short Author Bio and picture
  • Author social links (website, Twitter, FaceBook and Google+ only)
  • Which of our Genre and Pairing Type categories your book fits under

Books are added approximately twice per week (usually on Wednesday and Saturday). You will be emailed once your book has been added or if there are questions.

*Note: We use an Amazon geo-linking system. Although not 100% accurate, we do our best to send readers to the Amazon store suitable to their IP’s geographical location (such as or

How Can I Get My Book Removed?

Easy – send a ‘Remove Request’ to I’ll remove the book within 48-hours and email you back. No hard feelings, and you are always welcome to request it be re-added in the future.

How Can I Help?

If you wish to make a donation to SFR Station, you can do so via:

  • Tweet about the station using #scifirom #sfrstation
  • Share us on Facebook, Google+, your blog
  • Use your SFR Station book and author links in your marketing to drive traffic here.
  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet

Every little bit of share and link-back helps us to build traffic and a better place for SFR fans.

Click Here to visit our Spread The Word page for banners and buttons.

Who Are You?

I’m a self-published author with a love for Science Fiction Romance, who understands how hard it can be for authors in this genre to get exposure.

*(?)Science Fiction Romance: To qualify, the driving force of your book must be the romance. Romance moves the story forward, and without it, your story would fall apart. It can also drive the main characters forward, in character-driven novels like space opera, which in-turn drives the story. It cannot be a sub-plot, an afterthought, or just something that ‘kinda happens’ – that would be Science Fiction with ‘romantic elements’.

Also, see this post.

Additonal Questions/Comments:

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