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Dragon Pirate’s Prize

Series: Dragons of Mars (#2)
By: Leslie Chase and Juno Wells

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Leaving Earth and her disastrous life there behind, Laura Martigan thought that a job as a bodyguard on Mars would be easy. But that was before her client, Adele St. George, started to dig into the secrets of Mars’s newly-awoken dragon shifters and risking their anger. When the dragon pirates of Mars try to kidnap Adele, Laura assumes her identity and takes her place. That’s just good bodyguarding, right? It has nothing to do with how attractive the lead pirate is – at least, that’s what Laura tells herself. Rorax isn’t just frighteningly hot, there’s something about him that’s different from the other pirates. Something that tells Laura she can trust him. But she can’t let on that she isn’t the woman he thought he was kidnapping…can she?

A dragon shifter warrior, Rorax is a man on a mission – to destroy the pirates that menace his own kind as well as the humans. He’s worked hard to infiltrate them and capturing a target as valuable as Adele St. George will give him the way in he needs. But the woman he seizes is nothing like the delicate princess he expected. She’s strong, beautiful, and capable, and Rorax knows that she has to be his mate. The trouble is that she thinks he’s a pirate, no better than the rest of them – and he can’t risk telling her the truth. If anyone finds out about his mission, they would both be doomed. When Laura and Rorax’s deceptions collide, they find themselves in deadly danger from the other pirates. Can they escape the pirate lair together? Or will one have to sacrifice themselves to save the other?

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About The Author

Leslie Chase is an author from Scotland, whose reading habit has turned into a writing one. She loves writing, and especially enjoys writing sexy romance. It lets her imagination run free and her ideas come to life! She’s done a lot of things in her life, from working with the elderly to studying sword fighting to teaching tai chi. And, always, reading reading reading! When not writing, she’s busy thinking about what to write next or researching it – yes, damn it, looking at castles and swords and pictures of spaceships counts as research.

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