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The Lady Is Blue

Series: Atrapako on Eden (#1)
By: Aurora Springer

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What color are your scales?

Dr. Lucy Stannis, the chief biologist in the remote human colony on Eden, is thrilled when their scientists make contact with an alien vessel. Undaunted by the scaled bodies and sharp claws of the formidable Atrapako, Lucy befriends the spaceship captain, the Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak. Her hopes of learning about the aliens are frustrated when they refuse to cooperate.

Dragons of Vkani

Series: Atrapako on Eden (#2)
By: Aurora Springer

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Rescue mission to hostile planet of scaly aliens

When Sa Kamizan Veedak, and Dr. Lucy Stannis receive a distress call from his sister, they undertake a dangerous mission to save her from the war-torn planet of Vkani. The exiled Atrapako risk death if they are discovered. They contend with treachery and a hostile environment in the attempt to locate and rescue their lost families. When Sa Kamizan is captured during the search, Lucy musters all her skills and resourceful allies to retrieve her mate from a fate worse than death.

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