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Bev: The Interview

Series: Syalantian Series
By: Bobbi Ross

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Bev already had the job, so why in the seven galaxies was corporate making her fly all the way back to the home office for an interview?

This self-contained, 12K story stars the fan favorite fabulous blue Zedrovian in an adventure all her own. (This story takes place right before the epilogue of Titan Rising: Book 2)

After outing her dreaded little boss to the universe for the demon she was, Bev was unanimously voted in as the new general manager of the Sol system’s premier honeymoon resort on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. With less than a week left before her best friend and now queen of the entire Syalantian Empire leaves for good with her hot new hubby, Bev is called in to corporate’s central office…What does the sexy, 6’2″, delectably debonair director of Extravagance Corporation have in store for her?

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About The Author

AnnaHacketI’ve always been a sci-fi girl. I remember running home from school to watch Robotech when I was little. Yeah I liked Roy and Rick (Rip), but I always thought Max was hot. Fast forward to now and I have my own “Max”. When we’re not having out of this world -ahem-, I’m writing about it. I love stories with strong women and the men who appreciate them. Even when it gets them both into trouble. No damsels in distress here. I try to mix fun with epic, add in a little spice…Voila! A sexy salad you can really sink your teeth into!

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